Cinema Feministe

V četrtek, 3. in 17. februarja ob 20. uri (on Thursday the 3rd and 17th of February at 20h)


From the data base of the video programming online platform ArtFem.TV, a monthly selection of works is screened at the cinema Udarnik in Maribor, Slovenia. The selection of works is chosen each month on an issue of contexts in the feminist field by Evelin Stermitz.

During the year 2011 also FemLink is invited to screen their International Video Collages within the Cinéma Féministe screening program.

Cinéma Féministe is a screening program curated by Evelin Stermitz and organized in collaboration with son:DA and Zavod Udarnik.


Program for January 2011

Screening Dates

Thursday, January 6, 2010

Thursday, January 20, 2010

The Home / La Maison / DOMA

From the 1970s onward and in the tradition in video art, circling around the self within a private space, this issue has been expressed by early video artists such as Martha Rosler, Nina Sobell, Suzanne Lacy, Janice Tanaka, and others, through performance pieces in a critical engagement around female subject constructions and definitions. But in which way is a new generation articulating and negotiating the private space within this field of a traditional women’s space? This video selection shows black and white images from the 1970s as well as current video works.

Screening Index

Hey, Chicky!!! by Nina Sobell                                                                                            09:18

Everything I eat turns to health, beauty and love by Vesna Bukovec                                03:47

I can create positive change by Vesna Bukovec                                                                  02:29

I love myself for who I am by Vesna Bukovec                                                                   03:09

I trust in the process of life by Vesna Bukovec                                                                   03:14

The Happiest Apartment in the World by Vesna Bukovec                                                 04:07

Semiotics of the Kitchen by Martha Rosler                                                                         06:30

Hitchcock Dishing by Evelin Stermitz                                                                                01:17

Doll’s House by Lemeh42                                                                                                    02:17

BLUE HOUSE Dance Improvisation Performance by Evelin Stermitz                             25:18