Cinéma Féministe: Faceless

Udarnik v novi programski sezoni ponosno predstavlja sveže eksperimentalne vizualne vsebine posvečene raziskovanju feminističnih umetniških pristopov. V sodelovanju s projektov Cinéma Féministe in kulturno mrežo FemLink vam v četrtek, 15. septembra ob 20. uri v okviru eksperimentalnih četrtkov predstavljamo film Faceless avstrijske režiserke Manu Luksch.


A Film by MANU LUKSCH (2007 AT/UK)

Duration: 50’00”. Original language: English. Sound: Dolby surround 5.1.
Color/BW. Ratio 4:3. PAL

FACELESS the movie

SYNOPSIS In a society under the reformed ‘Real-Time’ Calendar, without history nor future, everybody is faceless. A woman panics when she wakes up one day with a face. With the help of the Spectral Children she slowly finds out more about the lost power and history of the human face and begins the search for its future.

FACELESS was produced under the rules of the ‘Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers’. The manifesto states, amongst other things, that additional cameras are not permitted at filming locations, as the omnipresent existing video surveillance (CCTV) is already in operation.

MAKING-OF: The UK Data Protection Act and EU directives give individuals the right to access personal data held in computer filing systems. This includes images captured by CCTV recording systems. For a nominal fee (£10), an individual can obtain a copy of this data: financial or medical records, or video recordings. Other legislation states that the privacy of third parties must be protected. In CCTV recordings, this is done by erasing the faces of other people in the images – hence the ‘faceless’ world.

“RealTime orients the life of every citizen. Eating, resting, going to work, getting married – every act is tied to RealTime. And every act leaves a trace of data – a footprint in the snow of noise…” (excerpt of FACELESS)

choreography: THE BALLET BOYZ
soundtrack: MUKUL piano music: RUPERT HUBER

contact: info[at]ambientTV.NET

Additional info

From the data base of the online video programming platform ArtFem.TV, a monthly selection of videos and films is screened at the cinema Udarnik in Maribor, Slovenia. The selection of works is chosen each month on an issue of contexts in the feminist field by Evelin Stermitz.

During the year 2011 also FemLink is invited to screen their International Video Collages within the Cinéma Féministe screening program.

Cinéma Féministe is a screening program curated by Evelin Stermitz and organized in collaboration with son:DA and Zavod Udarnik.