Warehouse Experience /// 18. dec

… Naj iskrivost pisanih decembrskih luči
polepša drobne trenutke v mozaiku časa,
naj čarobnost zimskega ivja na drevju
zasenči črne misli, naj toplina in iskrenost
besed osrečujeta vse leto.
Naj pozitivne misli osvetlijo jutro kot zarja
iz zasneženih gora.
Naj sreča šepeta neizpeto melodijo
o prijateljstvu…

… Let the sparkle of colorful lights in December
beautify the mosaic of tiny moments in time,
the magic of winter frost on trees
outshine black thoughts with warmth and sincerity
of the words of joy and happiness throughout the year.
Keep positive thoughts illuminating the morning
as the dawn of snowy mountains.
Let happiness whisper the unspoken
melody of friendship …


Vljudno vabljeni na prijateljsko druženje 18 decembra 2015 v decembersko obarvanem Udarniku.

Welcome to a friendly gathering in a in cheerfully colored Udarnik on December 18th 2015.


::: LINE UP :::

★ Marta
★ Rocca
★ Jamie Ricaro

::: Pričetek / Start = 22:00 :::

::: Vstop / Entrance = 3 EUR :::


★ Marta ★

Those, who ever came accoss Marta, are certainly aware of her contagious energy and optimism, she spreads around. One can say the same about her music. She always finds perfect combination of sounds, that fit on almost any dancefloor you put her play. Combining her ability to read the crowd, her specific music selection and her perfectly accurate mixing skills, developed a talent, that is rare these days to find. Often you will find her play and play with various styles of electronic music, combining genres such as Dub, Chillout, Funky Disco, and Acid Jazz with Techno, House and Electronica.

She carefully builds her sets and developes them which results in almost hypnotising her crowd and forcing her audience to dance until she plays.

::: INFO :::


★ Rocca ★

I played a lot of different music styles..In the beginning basic house music-disco, funk, trible, deep etc.. Today I don’t like to pigeonhole my music style. I describe my policy as a dirtyfunk, so expect to hear pretty much everything as long as its groovie, from nasty and grave-digin basslines and beats, dynamic and harmonic funk, breaks, ghetto funk to hip-hop, soul, retro, classic and more.. I played alongside, sharing the stage with many well-established and world fames djs and producer such as Stanton Wariorrs, Soul Of Man, A Skillz, Krafty Kutz, Adam Freeland, Chad Jackson, Slyde, Far Too Loud and many others..

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★ Jamie Ricaro ★

A child of music, minimally burdened, maximally harmonized, electronically colored and deeply religious, believing that God can only be a DJ. Therefore, the religious complex is poured into a collective experiment, part of which is already a few years on dance floors near and far, carrying out cold-blooded analysis of the response of material bodies to sound vibrations and sharing mental states through positive energy flow. He makes use of a suspiciously stocked repertoire of music that makes his unsuspecting victims blood boil in the veins. He is a descendant of the digital ninja’s (忍者), the head of the notorious hedonistic society and generally a creative and striking personality…

::: INFO :::

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW__PC7awuQ]